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If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that nothing feels quite as good as a full night's sleep. When you sleep well, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. It's almost like the world knows when you sleep well: your morning coffee hits just right, the sun shines just a little brighter, and you've got a little extra pep in your step.

Your friends and colleagues may notice, too, especially if good sleep is becoming a foreign concept for you. If it is, you're not alone - according to the CDC, people around the U.S. are in need of some serious zzzz's - more than 1 in 3 Americans aren't getting enough sleep. Perhaps even more shocking is that 40% of people fall asleep during the day once a month, according to the National Institutes of Health. Experts agree that most folks should get at least seven hours of sleep a night, but in reality, most Americans struggle to get five or six.

While some ultra-rich CEOs claim they only need a few hours of sleep a night, that's not true for most people. In fact, your body and brain will hate you if you're not getting enough shuteye. If you're feeling sluggish, unmotivated, snappy, achy, sick, or just down in the dumps, you may not be getting enough sleep. And it may not be your fault - that old, dilapidated innerspring mattress that you're sleeping on may be the true culprit.

Fortunately, Sleep King is here to help you get on the fast track to falling asleep with the ultimate comfort of MLILY mattresses in Roanoke, VA.

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Not sure why type of mattress is best for your body and sleeping style? Our knowledgeable, friendly mattress experts would be happy to help you get started on a better night's sleep. Why not swing by our showroom and check out our wide selection of MLILY mattresses? If your traditional innerspring setup is cutting into your sleep or even hurting your back, it's time to upgrade. After all, in a perfect world, you're spending 7-8 hours a night on your mattress, and you should get the best product for the price.

What are MLILY Mattresses in Roanoke VA?

When you rest on an MLILY mattress, you experience a cooler, deeper, more restorative sleep, so you can enjoy tomorrow to the fullest. Though MLILY is a global company, their local mattresses are made right here in the U.S., in facilities located in Arizona and South Carolina. Unlike many innerspring mattresses, MLILY mattresses are designed for a more supportive sleep while wicking away moisture and fighting off-putting odors.

While many large, mainstream brands you see on TV are built using outdated technologies, MLILY mattress and pillow products are produced using proprietary machinery built exclusively for MLILY. This machine uses precise cutting technology, ensuring that your mattress is the right size for your body and the right price for your budget. Plus, without ozone depletes, lead, mercury, or heavy metals, MLILY foams are manufactured to be safe for you, your spouse, kids, pets, and the environment. It doesn't get much better than that!

At Sleep King, we offer a number of different MLILY mattresses, including:

Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA
Foam Collection

The Foam Collection

These specialty foams give you superior sleeping support, long-lasting durability for years of sleep, and rejuvenating comfort to keep you rested and ready for the day.

The Hybrid Collection

The Hybrid Collection

These unique mattresses feature individually pocketed springs that transform traditional innerspring mattresses into a whole new level of comfort and rest.

The Kids Collection

The Kids Collection

Kids need great sleep too! This collection includes happy designs and endless flexibility, creating the perfect foundation for families to create memorable bedtime memories.

The PowerCool Sleep System

The PowerCool Sleep System

This fan-powered sleep system lets you experience sleep like never before, keeping you cool on even the hottest nights.

Have questions about MLILY mattresses? Contact Sleep King today or simply stop by our showroom to get the full rundown of this incredible brand. Whether you're a side sleeper with spine problems or a back sleeper not getting enough sleep, there's an MLILY mattress in Roanoke VA that can help. Remember, at Sleep King, we sell MLILY mattresses at a deep discount, so you can get a good night's rest without going into debt.

5 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Mattress

Take a moment and think about all the different things that have happened in your life over the last decade. Maybe you graduated college or got the job of your dreams. Perhaps you got married or moved to a new home in a new state. But if you're like the average person, one thing remained the same: your mattress. It might be surprising to hear, but the average lifespan of a mattress is between seven and ten years.

Letting go of your old, worn-out mattress might be hard, especially if it's served you well over time. As with most products, however, nothing lasts forever. But how do you know when it's time to ditch your old bed and choose a new MLILY mattress in , VA? Here are just a few of the most common reasons that customers tell us when it comes to buying a new bed.

Pungent Odor

Pungent Odor

Is your mattress starting to smell less like roses and more like the dirty socks in your hamper? When your mattress gets smelly, it's most often a result of mold, fungi, and mildew buildup over time. There's not too much you can do to avoid this from happening, especially if you live in a humid climate. So, the next time you change your sheets, give your mattress a sniff. If it smells funky, it's time to upgrade.

Saggy Mattress

Saggy Mattress

If your mattress has a noticeable sag, it's a surefire sign that you need to get a new mattress. Mattresses sag because, over time, coils begin to weaken, and memory foam loses elasticity. If you lay down on your bed for a moment, get up, and your bed sags instead of returning to its original appearance, your mattress is nearing the end of its life.



Waking up in pain is basically the an thesis of what a mattress is supposed to do. Due to wear and tear over time, even the best mattresses lose their ability to support your body. If you've been waking up with dull aches and pains in your hips, lower back, or shoulders, it's a red flag. Finding a comfortable, supportive mattress like an MLILY Fusion Lux is of utmost importance.

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and Turning

Constantly moving side-to-side or switching positions in the middle of the night is a great way to get your partner angry. It's also a big sign that you need to consider buying a new mattress. Like the supportiveness of our mattresses, general comfortability also lessens with usage and time. Here's the truth: You shouldn't need to toss and turn to get comfortable in your bed. If you are, your mattress has probably declined in quality and needs replacing. You shouldn't ever have to put your sleep health on the line for an uncomfortable mattress.

What are the Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep?

It might sound obvious, but the #1 reason why people choose to buy a new mattress is to get better sleep. Sleep, in and of itself, is a bit of a mystery - somehow, our bodies just know when it's time to clock out for the day and go to sleep. But if you've been sleeping on a poor quality or dilapidated mattress for long enough, you might have become used to the feeling of lackluster sleep. If that sounds like you, we're here to tell you that you're missing out.

Getting a great night's rest is one of life's little pleasures, but according to experts, it's also much more than that. If you swear by limiting your sleep to be more "productive," you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Better Heart Health

When you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis, it can lead to serious heart issues like high blood pressure and even heart attacks. Why? Because poor sleep causes your body to release cortisol. This stress hormone causes your heart to work harder. That's great in some situations, but long stretches of poor sleep are quite bad for your heart. Like other parts of your body, your heart needs to rest in order to function correctly.

Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA
Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA

Boosted Immune System

Getting a cold is never fun. But if it feels like someone slapped your head with an anvil when you get the sniffles, you may need better sleep. When you get great sleep, the proteins and immune cells in your body have a better chance of fighting off things like the common cold and flu. Your immune system also helps mitigate symptoms like runny noses, congestion, headaches, and more. Without the right sleep, symptoms from colds and cases of flu will be much worse.

Improved Mood

Do you roll out of bed and feel like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? You're probably not getting great sleep. When you sleep well, you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day. Your energy levels are high, making life's little annoyances more manageable. And when you're not annoyed, you're typically not angry. When you're not angry, you're only a half-step away from being happy. So, put on our PJs and get to bed early on an MLILY mattress in , VA. Your friends and family will thank you!

Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA
Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA

Increased Productivity

Earlier, we mentioned how some people purposely lose sleep so that they can be more productive. On the surface, that makes some sense since you have more hours in the day to dedicate to work. However, burning the midnight oil again and again is a bad idea. Eventually, you'll start making mistakes that an afternoon pot of coffee won't fix. Instead of cutting your sleep short, try getting more. Studies show that great sleep is linked to higher cognitive function and improved concentration. If you're not purposely limiting your sleep, it's time to ditch that old mattress and swing by Sleep King.

Supercharge Your Weight-Loss Efforts

Getting eight or more hours of sleep doesn't mean you're going to lose lbs. overnight. But getting better sleep can seriously help with your diet or weight loss goals. When you get poor sleep, your body creates a hormone called ghrelin that causes you to get hungry. It also lowers the amounts of leptin in your body, which is a hormone that lets you know you're full. With great sleep, these hormones remain balanced, so you don't wake up finding for a sugary bowl of Captain Crunch.

Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA
Mlily Mattresses Roanoke, VA

Choose Sleep King for MLILY Mattress Lowest Price Guaranteed!

If you're sick of mediocre sleep and want to take on tomorrow with a fresh mind, better sleep begins with MLILY mattresses in Roanoke VA. When you trust our mattress store in Roanoke for MLILY mattresses, you're already taking the first steps towards better sleeping habits.

From cold-to-the-touch mattresses like the Fusion Luxe to popular hybrid bed options like the Fusion Supreme Hybrid Mattress, Sleep King has got you covered. With a vast selection of bed frames, adjustable bases, bedroom decor, and even whole-home furnishings, you won't have to look anywhere else besides our showroom in Roanoke. One look at our prices, and you'll understand why we're South Carolina's go-to choice for premium mattresses like MLILY. Call or visit our location today to get started on your journey to healthier sleep.

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Latest News in Roanoke, VA

Dozens attend 2023 Miss Virginia ‘Show Us Your Shoes’ parade

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Miss Virginia’s second annual ‘Show us Your Shoes’ parade kicked off Saturday in Downtown Roanoke.The contestants rolled down the streets in style as they showed off their decorated shoes.Miss Virginia 2022, Victoria Chuah, led the parade representing Virginia’s state bird, the Cardinal.She says passing on the crown will be a bittersweet moment.“It’s so crazy ...

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Miss Virginia’s second annual ‘Show us Your Shoes’ parade kicked off Saturday in Downtown Roanoke.

The contestants rolled down the streets in style as they showed off their decorated shoes.

Miss Virginia 2022, Victoria Chuah, led the parade representing Virginia’s state bird, the Cardinal.

She says passing on the crown will be a bittersweet moment.

“It’s so crazy that this has been such a big part of my identity for an entire year and that I’ll no longer be Miss Virginia,” says Chuah. “But I know the title will be in good hands, and I’ll always be Miss Virginia.”

Miss Virginia is a title of honor, service, talent, and pride.

Miss Virginia Teen 2022 Ayana Johnson says she appreciates all the amazing things she could accomplish within the year.

“I got to meet the president of the United States and shared my journey with him as well as ask him about their plans on sickle cell and how we can continue to increase access to resources and care,” explained Johnson.

Johnson battles sickle cell disease and says her day was full of emotion.

“Before this, I was getting a little emotional,” says Johnson. “It’s a lot of emotions going into this, especially because I had a difficult year with health complications.”

She continued to use her platform to show others with chronic illnesses that the crown is something you can achieve.

“It means a lot to me because they look up to me and I’m a role model for these girls and in the Miss America organization,” added Johnson. “So many little girls look up to you and you have to be a role model for all of them.”

Both women encourage girls between the age of 13 to 26 to do it and lead with intention.

“Get out there, do it, it is such a confidence boost, you learn so much regardless of whether you walk away from a title,” says Chuah. “You learn so many skills, you participate in your community. It’s a priceless experience, and I encourage everyone to try it.”

The crown will be placed on Miss Virginia 2023 Saturday night at the Berglund Center.

Copyright 2023 WDBJ. All rights reserved.

Virginia high school football scores for Aug. 25

Friday's gamesAlleghany 25, Waynesboro 7Appomattox 23, Buckingham County 6Arcadia 53, Windsor 36Atlantic Shores Christian 48, Isle of Wight Academy 6Bath County 54, Mountain View 8Battlefield 62, C.D. Hylton 6Bishop O'Connell 10, Virginia Academy 7Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot 30, Rappahannock County 6Brentsville 28, Sherando 21Briar Woods 27, John Champe 13Broadwater Academy 26, Chincoteague 24Brunswick 16, Mecklenburg County 13Bruton 41...

Friday's games

Alleghany 25, Waynesboro 7

Appomattox 23, Buckingham County 6

Arcadia 53, Windsor 36

Atlantic Shores Christian 48, Isle of Wight Academy 6

Bath County 54, Mountain View 8

Battlefield 62, C.D. Hylton 6

Bishop O'Connell 10, Virginia Academy 7

Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot 30, Rappahannock County 6

Brentsville 28, Sherando 21

Briar Woods 27, John Champe 13

Broadwater Academy 26, Chincoteague 24

Brunswick 16, Mecklenburg County 13

Bruton 41, Northampton 3

Carroll County 22, Grundy 16

Catholic 29, Kill Devil Hills First Flight, N.C. 22

Cave Spring 42, Western Albemarle 3

Central - Wise 14, Eastside 7

Central of Lunenburg 26, Altavista 14

Centreville 28, Alexandria City 3

Chantilly 37, Falls Church 0

Chatham 44, Prince Edward County 30

Chilhowie 21, Marion 9

Christiansburg 42, Floyd County 0

Clarke County 42, Rock Ridge 7

Colonial Forge 48, Woodbridge 22

Courtland 40, Orange County 14

Craig County 32, Bland County 6

Dan River 43, Tunstall 7

Dinwiddie 52, GW-Danville 7

E.C. Glass 14, Lord Botetourt 0

East Rockingham 28, Luray 14

Eastern View 49, Culpeper 7

Essex 24, Sussex Central 6

Fluvanna 28, Broadway 27, OT

Fort Chiswell 14, Rural Retreat 12

Franklin County 28, Bassett 24

Gainesville 56, Potomac 20

Gar-Field 41, Unity Reed 6

Gate City 34, Richlands 7

George Marshall 27, Annandale 21

Giles 35, Blacksburg 8

Glen Allen 25, Prince George 13

Glenvar 39, Galax 21

Graham 14, Bluefield, W.Va. 9

Granby 49, Denbigh 7

Grayson County 14, Alleghany County, N.C. 12

Hampton 31, Woodside 6

Heritage (Lynchburg) 24, Albemarle 7

Herndon 55, Justice High School 0

Highland Springs 20, Miramar, Fla. 14

Holston 41, Eastern Montgomery 8

James Madison 28, Stone Bridge 24

James River 13, Buffalo Gap 12

James Wood 14, Warren County 10

Jamestown 24, Nottoway 6

Jefferson Forest 29, Gretna 26

John Battle 26, Abingdon 21

Kecoughtan 23, Gloucester 6

Kettle Run 41, Liberty-Bealeton 20

King William 7, Stuarts Draft 6

King's Fork High School 26, Churchland 13

Lake Braddock 48, Colgan 19

Lancaster 50, Charles City County High School 0

Langley 35, Oakton 13

Liberty Christian 21, Salem 14

Lightridge 33, Freedom 0

Loudoun County 19, Woodgrove 15

Louisa 35, Patrick Henry 14

Madison County 15, Staunton 14

Magna Vista 41, Staunton River 6

Mechanicsville High School 28, Deep Run 7

Mills Godwin 45, Goochland 7

Monticello 42, William Monroe 28

Mountain View 38, Forest Park 0

Musselman, W.Va. 44, John Handley 34

Nandua 32, Rappahannock 17

Nansemond River 41, Bethel 21

Narrows 46, Auburn 12

Norcom 38, Grafton 14

Norfolk Academy 46, Currituck County, N.C. 21

Norfolk Christian School 34, Manteo, N.C. 0

North Cross 15, Nansemond-Suffolk 13

North Greene, Tenn. 36, Castlewood 0

Northumberland 49, Surry County 0

Norview 11, Smithfield 10

Osbourn Park 61, Manassas Park 0

Oscar Smith 39, Hermitage 25

Parry McCluer 55, Rockbridge County 14

Patrick County 21, Martinsville 15

Patrick Henry 25, Virginia High 15

Patrick Henry 58, Brookville 25

Person, N.C. 62, Halifax County 20

Petersburg 14, Booker T. Washington 6

Poquoson 56, Southampton 7

Potomac Falls 28, Dominion 0

Pulaski County 42, Northside 7

Radford 42, George Wythe 7

Ridgeview 44, J.I. Burton 0

Riverbend 55, Chancellor 0

Riverside 30, Broad Run 29

Rustburg 28, Spotswood 24

Rye Cove 48, Hancock County, Tenn. 0

Sherman, W.Va. 20, Hurley 12

Smith Mountain Lake Christian 56, Fishburne Military 8

South County 39, James Robinson 0

South Lakes 46, Osbourn 6

Strasburg 18, Skyline 16

Thomas Dale 35, Cosby 0

Thomas Walker 20, Cumberland Gap, Tenn. 0

Turner Ashby 51, Fort Defiance 22

Tuscarora 9, Heritage 0

Twin Valley 28, Phelps, Ky. 16

Union 34, Lee High 0

Varina 13, Indian River 0

Warhill 49, Manor High School 8

Warwick 53, Grassfield 7

Washington, W.Va. 49, Page County 6

Washington-Liberty 45, Edison 13

West Springfield 42, Hayfield 13

Westfield 35, Patriot 7

Westmoreland County 38, West Point 16

William Byrd 72, Liberty-Bedford 0

William Campbell 46, Cumberland 16

William Fleming 32, Hidden Valley 0

Wilson Memorial 55, Charlottesville 8

Woodstock Central 8, Riverheads 7

Yorktown 21, W.T. Woodson 14

Huguenot vs. TJHS, ccd.

James Monroe vs. Stafford, ccd.

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New, deadly drug is here in the Roanoke Valley

Xylazine, also called tranq, can cause large open sores and infections, sometimes leading to amputationDeadly drug found in the Roanoke ValleyThis is a modal window.No compatible source was found for this media.ROANOKE, Va. – This article is part of “Solutionaries,” our continuing commitment to solutions journalism, highlighting the creative people in communities working to make the world a better place, one solution at a time. Find out what you can do to help and subscribe ...

Xylazine, also called tranq, can cause large open sores and infections, sometimes leading to amputation

Deadly drug found in the Roanoke Valley

This is a modal window.

No compatible source was found for this media.

ROANOKE, Va.This article is part of “Solutionaries,” our continuing commitment to solutions journalism, highlighting the creative people in communities working to make the world a better place, one solution at a time. Find out what you can do to help and subscribe to our Solutionaries channel on youtube.

In August, we’re looking at solutions to the drug problems our communities are facing.

A new, deadly drug is here in the Roanoke Valley. Xylazine, which is also called tranq.

10 News told you about it before, when in July, federal officials called for more testing and research on the powerful animal sedative that’s spreading through the nation’s illicit drug supply, but they stopped short of recommending new restrictions on the veterinary medication.

The White House declared xylazine-laced fentanyl an “emerging threat” in April and called for a national strategy to combat its use. Xylazine, sometimes known as tranq, can cause breathing and heart rates to fall to dangerous levels when used in humans. When injected it can cause large open sores and infections, sometimes leading to amputation.

But now there’s a specific warning for our region because Xylazine is being found in the Roanoke Valley.

The Virginia Harm Reduction Coalition gives out Xylazine and fentanyl test strips and says they’ve been coming back positive. It can make the high last longer, but there are huge, deadly risks.

“The problem with xylazine is that it doesn’t respond to Narcan. It is not an opioid, and therefore, the opioid reversal medication Narcan doesn’t work on it. And so when you have this adulteration in the product, we’re seeing more overdoses because of that and unfortunately, more fatal overdoses because of that,” said Danny Clawson, the Executive Director of the Virginia Harm Reduction Coalition.

Clawson says the test strips give drug users knowledge to know what they’re using, so they can use safer and stay alive, hoping that eventually, they can get the help they need. But Clawson said if xylazine doesn’t kill you, it can cause other problems.

“It produces really terrible wounds that can get incredibly infected and even lead to amputation. So we’ve been doing a lot of work with our participants to educate them on abscesses,” said Clawson.

The Virginia Department of Health says they’re monitoring tranq and know its an issue, but it’s not tracked in the medical examiner’s reports the way that cases involving other drugs like cocaine or heroin are tracked.

A VDH spokesperson tells 10 News they don’t have data to share currently because the medical examiner’s office just started testing for xylazine within the last month. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia has recently added xylazine to their lab panels and VDH expects to have better statistics going forward.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report. This story has also been updated with new information from VDH, after the initial story was published.)

This article is part of “Solutionaries,” our continuing commitment to solutions journalism, highlighting the creative people in communities working to make the world a better place, one solution at a time. Find out what you can do to help and subscribe to our Solutionaries channel on youtube.

Copyright 2023 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.

Roanoke City sees increase in homeless population from last summer

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Roanoke City has more people experiencing homelessness compared to summer 2022. Roanoke’s Council of Community Services recently released data about the number of homeless people in our city.There are more people without a permanent residence in the city, but there are fewer people living on the streets. The 2023...

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Roanoke City has more people experiencing homelessness compared to summer 2022. Roanoke’s Council of Community Services recently released data about the number of homeless people in our city.

There are more people without a permanent residence in the city, but there are fewer people living on the streets. The 2023 Summer Point-In-Time count taken on July 13 shows more people are staying in shelters compared to 2022.

RAM House’s executive director explained it’s a growing issue in Roanoke.

”We’re on the cusp of being like other cities that have major problems,” Melissa Woodson said.

The July 2023 count shows 305 people are experiencing homelessness in Roanoke City. That number is taken from counting the number of people staying in shelters, grouped in the ‘sheltered count’, and the number of people in encampments on the street, grouped in the ‘unsheltered count’.

While the overall number of people experiencing homeless has increased from 269 in 2022 to 305 in 2023, the number of unsheltered has decreased from 91 in 2022 to 70 in 2023.

“These are tough challenges, obviously, that we’re trying to solve,” Roanoke’s human services administrator Matt Crookshank said.

Crookshank explained there’s been a 13% increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness from summer 2022. The recent data show a 54% increase when compared to summer 2021.

“We’ve started to see more people accessing shelter over the last couple years, while the unsheltered numbers are slightly decreasing, so overall, we’ve seen an increase,” Crookshank said. “I think it speaks to the lack of affordable housing, challenges with inflation, and the economic situation of households.”

Many of those without a home stay at Roanoke’s Rescue Mission. The director of communications explained while there’s been an increase, the shelter is not full.

“Many of those folks who are coming to us, they’re struggling to find housing, there’s no doubt about that,” Kevin Berry said. “But many of them are also struggling with substance abuse, and many are struggling with mental health.”

There are resources to help those struggling, but the executive director of RAM House explained help may not be accessible for everyone.

“The idea that they have to go around town and get services doesn’t make sense; we need a one-stop shop for them in the day shelter,” Melissa Woodson said.

To help more people get back on their feet, RAM House is looking for a new building to provide resources for the homeless community.

“We want showers in a building, we want a clinic that Virginia Tech residents can come to and treat people, because the people that are coming into RAM House are not getting the clinical services that they need to get better,” Woodson said.

The City of Roanoke is dedicating more than $6 million in ARPA funding to 50 affordable housing units.

“In this city, we are doers,” Woodson said. “I am optimistic that things can be better in the future.”

Roanoke’s homeless assistance team says it’s better to donate your time and money to community partners like RAM House and the Rescue Mission rather than panhandlers on the street.

Copyright 2023 WDBJ. All rights reserved.

INVESTIGATION: Parts of Roanoke County still impacted by ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - After the Environmental Protection Agency proposed drinking water guidelines for PFAS, known as ‘forever chemicals,’ communities around the nation are now scrambling to test and treat impacted water sources for the potential health threat.WDBJ7 reported in March about testing showing concerning levels of PFAS in the Western Virginia Water Authority’s Sp...

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - After the Environmental Protection Agency proposed drinking water guidelines for PFAS, known as ‘forever chemicals,’ communities around the nation are now scrambling to test and treat impacted water sources for the potential health threat.

WDBJ7 reported in March about testing showing concerning levels of PFAS in the Western Virginia Water Authority’s Spring Hollow Reservoir. That prompted the water supplier to stop pumping water from the Roanoke River in August.

We can’t see PFAS chemicals with the naked eye. In fact, many labs can’t even detect PFAS at the levels the EPA says are dangerous. The new proposed guidelines released by the federal agency are now putting the pressure on water suppliers nationwide.

“With water, you’re putting it in your body and ingestion has been identified as the primary source,” said Leigh-Anne Krometis, Associate Professor of Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Krometis explained PFAS are so common, we are likely exposed to small amounts of the chemicals on a daily basis, and there really is no safe level.

“PFAS are associated with a variety of health impacts. Everything from cancer to reduced immune function,” she told WDBJ7.

In parts of Roanoke County, the Western Virginia Water Authority said a type of PFAS chemical was detected in its drinking water supply, and later in the Roanoke River.

“Out of the 6,000 possible PFAS compounds that are known to exist, one of them, commonly known as Gen X, showed up in our Spring Hollow drinking water reservoir,” explained Sarah Baumgardner, Director of Public Relations at Western Virginia Water Authority.

Baumgardner said through testing they were able to trace the chemical to a facility owned by ProChem, which discharges wastewater into the Roanoke River.

We reached out to ProChem, which told us in a statement, “We remain extremely diligent in monitoring for GenX and PFAS compounds at our facility and levels continue to be well below the drinking water limit.”

ProChem said it took immediate action to eliminate Gen X from its facility. Baumgardner told us the Western Virginia Water Authority is still treating the remnants of the chemical in its Spring Hollow Reservoir.

“We started working to install and utilize granular activated carbon for treatment,” Baumgardner said. “It’s the only proven treatment to reduce or minimize this compound.”

The most recent tests show the level of Gen X in the Spring Hollow drinking water April 12 was at 12 ppt (parts per trillion), which is above the EPA’s proposed recommendation of 10 ppt. The following week, the Gen X was at 2.7 ppt. Testing before April shows much higher levels of Gen X.

ProChem explains it was able to trace the Gen X to equipment from its client, Chemours. They’ve been working with that company since 2015.

Out of the thousands of PFAS chemicals, Gen X is one of only six the EPA plans on regulating.

“Gen X was designed as a replacement, but then it turned out it had health impacts as well, so it is one that EPA is specifically looking to regulate, " Krometis explained.

The Western Virginia Water Authority’s testing was voluntary. Even if you don’t consume water from Spring Hollow – it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Right now, water providers are not required to test for PFAS chemicals.

“This is going to be a huge burden for the drinking water industry, because once EPA sets these Federal Guidelines, every drinking water system is going to have to abide by them.”

That means once the EPA does set limits on the potentially dangerous chemicals, Krometis said water suppliers across the country will need to test for PFAS and treat any contaminated water.

“There aren’t a lot of laboratories that can do that testing,” Krometis explained. “Supply and demand, it’s going to get expensive as well.”

For the Western Virginia Water Authority, it’s going to cost more than $13 million.

In the meantime, the Western Virginia Water Authority told us the water is safe to drink, even for residents in Roanoke County who get water from Spring Hollow Reservoir. The water authority is using advanced filters to reduce the levels of Gen X. A spokesperson says that high reading from April is likely from work they were doing on a valve.

Both the EPA and Western Virginia Water Authority don’t recommend switching to bottled water, as there are far fewer safety regulations for it than tap water.

The EPA’s public comment period about the proposed ruling ends May 30.

We also reached out to other water suppliers. The City of Lynchburg Water Services told us over the phone it has tested for PFAS, and the tests came back non-detect for its primary and secondary sources of drinking water. The utility plans to continue testing in the future and follow the state and EPA guidelines.

The City of Salem also gets its water from the Roanoke River, and told us it has not had a positive PFAS test to date.

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