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Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that nothing feels quite as good as a full night's sleep. When you sleep well, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. It's almost like the world knows when you sleep well: your morning coffee hits just right, the sun shines just a little brighter, and you've got a little extra pep in your step.

Your friends and colleagues may notice, too, especially if good sleep is becoming a foreign concept for you. If it is, you're not alone - according to the CDC, people around the U.S. are in need of some serious zzzz's - more than 1 in 3 Americans aren't getting enough sleep. Perhaps even more shocking is that 40% of people fall asleep during the day once a month, according to the National Institutes of Health. Experts agree that most folks should get at least seven hours of sleep a night, but in reality, most Americans struggle to get five or six.

While some ultra-rich CEOs claim they only need a few hours of sleep a night, that's not true for most people. In fact, your body and brain will hate you if you're not getting enough shuteye. If you're feeling sluggish, unmotivated, snappy, achy, sick, or just down in the dumps, you may not be getting enough sleep. And it may not be your fault - that old, dilapidated innerspring mattress that you're sleeping on may be the true culprit.

Fortunately, Sleep King is here to help you get on the fast track to falling asleep with the ultimate comfort of MLILY mattresses in Columbia, SC.

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Not sure why type of mattress is best for your body and sleeping style? Our knowledgeable, friendly mattress experts would be happy to help you get started on a better night's sleep. Why not swing by our showroom and check out our wide selection of MLILY mattresses? If your traditional innerspring setup is cutting into your sleep or even hurting your back, it's time to upgrade. After all, in a perfect world, you're spending 7-8 hours a night on your mattress, and you should get the best product for the price.

What are MLILY Mattresses in Columbia SC?

When you rest on an MLILY mattress, you experience a cooler, deeper, more restorative sleep, so you can enjoy tomorrow to the fullest. Though MLILY is a global company, their local mattresses are made right here in the U.S., in facilities located in Arizona and South Carolina. Unlike many innerspring mattresses, MLILY mattresses are designed for a more supportive sleep while wicking away moisture and fighting off-putting odors.

While many large, mainstream brands you see on TV are built using outdated technologies, MLILY mattress and pillow products are produced using proprietary machinery built exclusively for MLILY. This machine uses precise cutting technology, ensuring that your mattress is the right size for your body and the right price for your budget. Plus, without ozone depletes, lead, mercury, or heavy metals, MLILY foams are manufactured to be safe for you, your spouse, kids, pets, and the environment. It doesn't get much better than that!

At Sleep King, we offer a number of different MLILY mattresses, including:

Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC
Foam Collection

The Foam Collection

These specialty foams give you superior sleeping support, long-lasting durability for years of sleep, and rejuvenating comfort to keep you rested and ready for the day.

The Hybrid Collection

The Hybrid Collection

These unique mattresses feature individually pocketed springs that transform traditional innerspring mattresses into a whole new level of comfort and rest.

The Kids Collection

The Kids Collection

Kids need great sleep too! This collection includes happy designs and endless flexibility, creating the perfect foundation for families to create memorable bedtime memories.

The PowerCool Sleep System

The PowerCool Sleep System

This fan-powered sleep system lets you experience sleep like never before, keeping you cool on even the hottest nights.

Have questions about MLILY mattresses? Contact Sleep King today or simply stop by our showroom to get the full rundown of this incredible brand. Whether you're a side sleeper with spine problems or a back sleeper not getting enough sleep, there's an MLILY mattress in Columbia SC that can help. Remember, at Sleep King, we sell MLILY mattresses at a deep discount, so you can get a good night's rest without going into debt.

5 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Mattress

Take a moment and think about all the different things that have happened in your life over the last decade. Maybe you graduated college or got the job of your dreams. Perhaps you got married or moved to a new home in a new state. But if you're like the average person, one thing remained the same: your mattress. It might be surprising to hear, but the average lifespan of a mattress is between seven and ten years.

Letting go of your old, worn-out mattress might be hard, especially if it's served you well over time. As with most products, however, nothing lasts forever. But how do you know when it's time to ditch your old bed and choose a new MLILY mattress in , SC? Here are just a few of the most common reasons that customers tell us when it comes to buying a new bed.

Pungent Odor

Pungent Odor

Is your mattress starting to smell less like roses and more like the dirty socks in your hamper? When your mattress gets smelly, it's most often a result of mold, fungi, and mildew buildup over time. There's not too much you can do to avoid this from happening, especially if you live in a humid climate. So, the next time you change your sheets, give your mattress a sniff. If it smells funky, it's time to upgrade.

Saggy Mattress

Saggy Mattress

If your mattress has a noticeable sag, it's a surefire sign that you need to get a new mattress. Mattresses sag because, over time, coils begin to weaken, and memory foam loses elasticity. If you lay down on your bed for a moment, get up, and your bed sags instead of returning to its original appearance, your mattress is nearing the end of its life.



Waking up in pain is basically the an thesis of what a mattress is supposed to do. Due to wear and tear over time, even the best mattresses lose their ability to support your body. If you've been waking up with dull aches and pains in your hips, lower back, or shoulders, it's a red flag. Finding a comfortable, supportive mattress like an MLILY Fusion Lux is of utmost importance.

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and Turning

Constantly moving side-to-side or switching positions in the middle of the night is a great way to get your partner angry. It's also a big sign that you need to consider buying a new mattress. Like the supportiveness of our mattresses, general comfortability also lessens with usage and time. Here's the truth: You shouldn't need to toss and turn to get comfortable in your bed. If you are, your mattress has probably declined in quality and needs replacing. You shouldn't ever have to put your sleep health on the line for an uncomfortable mattress.

What are the Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep?

It might sound obvious, but the #1 reason why people choose to buy a new mattress is to get better sleep. Sleep, in and of itself, is a bit of a mystery - somehow, our bodies just know when it's time to clock out for the day and go to sleep. But if you've been sleeping on a poor quality or dilapidated mattress for long enough, you might have become used to the feeling of lackluster sleep. If that sounds like you, we're here to tell you that you're missing out.

Getting a great night's rest is one of life's little pleasures, but according to experts, it's also much more than that. If you swear by limiting your sleep to be more "productive," you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Better Heart Health

When you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis, it can lead to serious heart issues like high blood pressure and even heart attacks. Why? Because poor sleep causes your body to release cortisol. This stress hormone causes your heart to work harder. That's great in some situations, but long stretches of poor sleep are quite bad for your heart. Like other parts of your body, your heart needs to rest in order to function correctly.

Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC
Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC

Boosted Immune System

Getting a cold is never fun. But if it feels like someone slapped your head with an anvil when you get the sniffles, you may need better sleep. When you get great sleep, the proteins and immune cells in your body have a better chance of fighting off things like the common cold and flu. Your immune system also helps mitigate symptoms like runny noses, congestion, headaches, and more. Without the right sleep, symptoms from colds and cases of flu will be much worse.

Improved Mood

Do you roll out of bed and feel like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? You're probably not getting great sleep. When you sleep well, you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day. Your energy levels are high, making life's little annoyances more manageable. And when you're not annoyed, you're typically not angry. When you're not angry, you're only a half-step away from being happy. So, put on our PJs and get to bed early on an MLILY mattress in , SC. Your friends and family will thank you!

Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC
Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC

Increased Productivity

Earlier, we mentioned how some people purposely lose sleep so that they can be more productive. On the surface, that makes some sense since you have more hours in the day to dedicate to work. However, burning the midnight oil again and again is a bad idea. Eventually, you'll start making mistakes that an afternoon pot of coffee won't fix. Instead of cutting your sleep short, try getting more. Studies show that great sleep is linked to higher cognitive function and improved concentration. If you're not purposely limiting your sleep, it's time to ditch that old mattress and swing by Sleep King.

Supercharge Your Weight-Loss Efforts

Getting eight or more hours of sleep doesn't mean you're going to lose lbs. overnight. But getting better sleep can seriously help with your diet or weight loss goals. When you get poor sleep, your body creates a hormone called ghrelin that causes you to get hungry. It also lowers the amounts of leptin in your body, which is a hormone that lets you know you're full. With great sleep, these hormones remain balanced, so you don't wake up finding for a sugary bowl of Captain Crunch.

Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC
Mlily Mattresses Columbia, SC

Choose Sleep King for MLILY Mattress Lowest Price Guaranteed!

If you're sick of mediocre sleep and want to take on tomorrow with a fresh mind, better sleep begins with MLILY mattresses in Columbia SC. When you trust our mattress store in Columbia for MLILY mattresses, you're already taking the first steps towards better sleeping habits.

From cold-to-the-touch mattresses like the Fusion Luxe to popular hybrid bed options like the Fusion Supreme Hybrid Mattress, Sleep King has got you covered. With a vast selection of bed frames, adjustable bases, bedroom decor, and even whole-home furnishings, you won't have to look anywhere else besides our showroom in Columbia. One look at our prices, and you'll understand why we're South Carolina's go-to choice for premium mattresses like MLILY. Call or visit our location today to get started on your journey to healthier sleep.

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Latest News in Columbia, SC

Best Internet Providers in Columbia, South Carolina

Verizon 5G Home Internet - Best 5G home internet provider in ColumbiaColumbia, South Carolina’s capital city whose name is abbreviated to "Cola," is perhaps unsurprisingly nicknamed "Soda City" and is famously hot. Pondering these two unrelated facts brings up two questions for ...

Verizon 5G Home Internet - Best 5G home internet provider in Columbia

Columbia, South Carolina’s capital city whose name is abbreviated to "Cola," is perhaps unsurprisingly nicknamed "Soda City" and is famously hot. Pondering these two unrelated facts brings up two questions for those of us who'd rather stay safely indoors at home to beat the heat, watching Netflix with a fizzy beverage in hand: Do the internet speeds in Columbia pop? And who is the best internet service provider in the city?

Good news for residents of the former home of the world's largest fire hydrant: median download speeds in Columbia exceed 200Mbps, according to Ookla data. To answer the second question, fiber internet from AT&T is available in Soda City and that makes AT&T Fiber our choice for the best internet service provider in Columbia.

CNET examines customer service, speed, pricing and overall value before recommending the best broadband in your area. While we recommend AT&T’s fiber internet, its expected speeds are on par with Spectrum’s, its largest competitor within Columbia, according to Ookla. Other than these two national brands, some Soda City citizens can connect to the internet with Verizon and T-Mobile’s 5G home internet, EarthLink (likely using AT&T’s network), smaller providers ispMint and EIN, as well as satellite internet through HughesNet or Viasat. Find out more about each of these options below.

Best internet providers in Soda City

The choice of ISP in Columbia mainly boils down to two main options: AT&T or Spectrum. However, the city is also serviced by T-Mobile, Verizon, EarthLink, two smaller carriers and satellite internet providers. All prices listed on this page reflect available discounts for setting up paperless billing. If you decide not to go with automatic monthly payments, your price will be higher.

Note: The prices, speeds and features detailed in the article text may differ from those listed in the product detail cards, which represent providers' national offerings. Your particular internet service options -- including prices and speeds -- depend on your address and may differ from those detailed here.

Source: CNET analysis of provider data

All available Columbia, South Carolina, residential internet providers

Most of the city will have access to AT&T’s fiber internet (or EarthLink's piggybacked option) or cable internet through Spectrum. In contrast, some neighborhoods have access to T-Mobile or Verizon's 5G options, as well as regional carriers ispMint and EIN. Here are the other options in the city not listed above.

Pricing details on Columbia, South Carolina, home internet service

Expect to spend around $50 per month to connect to the internet in Columbia. If you want more speed, there are many options to choose from. That's good news for people who want to beat the city's famous heat by staying indoors.

Cheap internet options in the Columbia metro area

Unfortunately, for those looking for cheap internet options in Columbia, there aren't many. Most plans start at $50 per month unless you’re an existing customer of T-Mobile or Verizon and are eligible for their 5G home internet offerings. That said, if you live in a low-income household, you might qualify for the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides a discount of $30 monthly on home internet services.

Source: CNET analysis of provider data

Fastest internet providers in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia residents have access to comfortable median download speeds above 200Mbps. Gig-plus options are available from AT&T, Spectrum or EarthLink for higher speeds. AT&T, EarthLink and EIN have the fastest hookup with 5,000Mbps fiber plans, though it should be noted that EarthLink and EIN are using AT&T’s network.

Source: CNET analysis of provider data

What’s the final word on internet providers in Columbia?

Most Columbia residents will be well served by AT&T's fiber internet or Spectrum's cable connection, the options most available in the city. Some Cola residents have access to 5G home internet from T-Mobile or Verizon -- each makes for a good option for existing customers of their wireless services due to the deep monthly discounts they offer.

How CNET chose the best internet providers in Columbia

Internet service providers are numerous and regional. Unlike the latest smartphone, laptop, router or kitchen tool, it's impractical to personally test every ISP in a given city. So what’s our approach? We start by researching the pricing, availability and speed information drawing on our own historical ISP data, the provider sites and mapping information from the Federal Communications Commission at

But it doesn’t end there. We go to the FCC's website to check our data and ensure we're considering every ISP that provides service in an area. We also input local addresses on provider websites to find specific options for residents. To evaluate how happy customers are with an ISP's service, we look at sources including the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power. ISP plans and prices are subject to frequent changes; all information provided is accurate as of the time of publication.

Once we have this localized information, we ask three main questions:

While the answer to those questions is often layered and complex, the providers who come closest to "yes" on all three are the ones we recommend.

To explore our process in more depth, visit our How We Test ISPs page.

Internet providers in Columbia FAQs

SUSTO’s Favorite Hometown Venue Is SC’s New Brookland Tavern: “The Center of My Musical Universe”

Is there a particular memory you have about how NBT has had an impact on SUSTO’s career or your development as an artist?I really cut my teeth playing shows at New Brookland, and I’ve had so many exciting experience on stage there that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But one that stands out in particular happened when I was probably a junior in High School: My band at the time got to open up for Andrew W.K. at NBT (on a school night) and it was such a fun experience to perform and also see his show. It...

Is there a particular memory you have about how NBT has had an impact on SUSTO’s career or your development as an artist?

I really cut my teeth playing shows at New Brookland, and I’ve had so many exciting experience on stage there that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But one that stands out in particular happened when I was probably a junior in High School: My band at the time got to open up for Andrew W.K. at NBT (on a school night) and it was such a fun experience to perform and also see his show. It definitely helped send me onward down the path of pursuing music full time.

What is something NBT does notably well in regards to the greenroom or onstage experience?

Well, NBT isn’t exactly known for its greenroom or anything like that (they actually didn’t really have a green room till recently lol), but i think one of the best things about it is the all-ages aspect. Because it allows young bands and fans to get involved in the live music scene from an early age, it makes it all feel more accessible I think, and that is definitely something that made it special to me from an early age.

What separates an “okay” venue from a “good” venue, and what makes NBT great?

I think the best venues aren’t necessarily the nicest; to me it’s more about accessibility and variety. Great venues are places for young and old alike to go and experience live music in whatever way suits them best. NBT does a great job of keeping a diverse calendar of shows, so there’s something for everyone.

What would you like to the people working behind the scenes at New Brookland Tavern?

Over the years, I’ve become friends with the staff at New Brookland, and they’ve always been super supportive of my career. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship and I’m grateful for them celebrating me as a homegrown artist and continuing to have my back. I guess I’d just like to express my gratitude to everyone behind the scenes there for creating an environment that both inspired me to be in music and has also helped nurture my career. It’s hard to imagine how different my life might be if I hadn’t had New Brookland Tavern as a place to find and express myself through all the different stages of my life and career.

New Brookland Tavern — Hometown Info:

Opened: 1998 Capacity: 300 Location: 122 State St, West Columbia, SC, 29169

Upcoming Shows: Speedy Ortiz, (hed)PE, The National Parks, The Devil Makes Three’s Pete Bernhard and The Bridge City Sinners’ Clyde McGee & Lightnin’ Luke, Spitalfield, Cro-Mags with BRAT and Brass Tongue, CROWBAR with Primitive Man and Bodybox, Illiterate Light

This company brings goats to mow your lawn. Will Columbia allow it to operate?

Pumpkin is an individual, but she’ll get her work done, Jacob Porter assures.“You hot, honey? Your water is over here if you want it,” he coos to her.Pumpkin’s colleag...

Pumpkin is an individual, but she’ll get her work done, Jacob Porter assures.

“You hot, honey? Your water is over here if you want it,” he coos to her.

Pumpkin’s colleagues — Sage, Paisley, Sally and Hot Mama — are already fully engrossed in consumption. As Pumpkin lazes under a tree to escape the mounting heat, Sally and Hot Mama are focused on the full, rounded leaves vining out before them.

The five goats will eat day and night for the next five or six days, working to clear weeds and overgrowth from a backyard on a residential street in Gaston, S.C.

Porter’s Green Goat Land Management promises to be an alternative to traditional landscaping. Hire goats to clear your weeds naturally, rather than using pesticides and heavy equipment, the sales pitch goes.

The idea has resonated, and Porter’s business has grown. But for Columbians wanting the Green Goat treatment, there’s a slight problem.

A lack of clarity in city code has meant operating in Columbia is a gamble for Porter. Goats aren’t technically allowed. He’s been allowed to operate by city officials, he says, unless someone complains.

On two recent jobs, somebody did. He had to pick up the goats, refund the customer and lose a day of business.

Now, he wants something written down. He’s asking the city to create new language to allow either a temporary use permit or some other consideration in city code that would allow his goats to work in the city.

Marilynn Fitzpatrick knew her yard was getting out of hand. So did the city — she was racking up Columbia code enforcement violations because of the overgrowth.

She needed an undeveloped lot and her backyard taken care of. She called a landscaping company and was quoted $1,800 for just the lot.

Dismayed, she hit the internet and stumbled across Porter’s website. She was quoted $500 for the whole job.

“I loved the idea, and as I shared it with other people, they loved the idea,” Fitzpatrick said.

She liked the idea of the goats for more than the reduced price tag. The goats were not loud, they didn’t smell, and they created an opportunity for a new experience, she said.

Porter is adamant on this point. The goats make little noise and don’t smell like a barnyard, two common fears of prospective customers. The animals also neutralize seeds once eaten, Porter explained, meaning their waste isn’t contributing to a new crop of weeds once they go.

“Goatscaping” is a growing industry nationwide. It’s been written about by academics and advertised by big businesses. Companies similar to Porter’s are popping up all over the U.S., and Porter’s isn’t even the only goatscaping company in South Carolina.

“Everybody tries to reinvent the wheel. ‘Oh, there’s a newer, better way. Look at this fancy chemical I made in the lab.’ Well, nature designed (goats) to fight invasive species,” Porter said.

Porter and his employees are fastidious about the goats. They have mineral water, and customers are given activated charcoal just in case a goat gets sick.

Before the goats came to Fitzpatrick’s property, two of Porter’s employees showed up to measure her yards and make sure there wasn’t anything poisonous to goats. The company also sets up fabric netting with a low-wattage electrical current to keep the goats corralled and to protect any trees or plants the goats aren’t supposed to eat.

Fitzpatrick was excited for the goats to arrive, and so were her friends, who were eager to come by and meet the animals.

On their first day at her house, she brought them Saltine crackers. She’d never interacted with goats before and was surprised to find they each had their own personalities.

Fitzpatrick doesn’t know who complained, but Porter was told the city received a dozen calls about the goats. A day after dropping them off, Porter had to return to collect them.

The goats did not have the time to finish Fitzpatrick’s yard, but she’s still eager to hire Porter back.

“He wouldn’t even have to call me,” she said.

Green Goat Land Management has around 500 clients — Porter gives this estimate by recalling that he sends each client a Christmas card and a square of goat-milk soap each holiday season, and this year he sent about 500.

He didn’t plan to run this kind of business. When he retired from the military, he planned to buy and flip property. He had some land he planned to tidy up and flip first. He bought eight goats to take care of the overgrowth, but before his property-flipping dreams took off, one of his neighbors noticed the goats.

“As soon as I sold that land, before I could buy some more, somebody asked me, ‘Can I use (the goats) for my backyard?” he said. Then another neighbor asked, then another.

“Then somebody in Camden said they needed 15 acres cleaned up, and it just never stopped,” he said.

Most of Porter’s business growth has been from word of mouth.

He’s worked steadily in Columbia for years, despite the murky city code. But not knowing if he’ll have to cut a job short due to local complaints has complicated accepting jobs in the area, he said.

Porter has a business license, liability insurance and an LLC, but city ordinance doesn’t allow goats or other farm animals. It also doesn’t expressly allow the type of electric netting he uses to keep his goats contained.

He said he’s been allowed to do business in Columbia as long as he informs animal control of his location, how many goats he’ll have and how long they’ll be there. But, if neighbors complain, he has to collect the animals.

About a year ago, he dropped his goats off for a job in Columbia, and then the next day he was called to collect them — the neighbors had complained.

He tried to get momentum then for an ordinance change, but nothing happened. This July, he dropped his goats off at Fitzpatrick’s house, expecting them to take several days to clear her property. Instead, neighbors again complained, and the goats had to be retrieved.

So, he started a petition to publicly ask the city to change its code. As of Aug. 1, the petition had just under 200 signatures. Over the last few weeks, he’s also been in touch with city officials, including City Council members. He has at least two members of council in his corner.

Council members Howard Duvall and Will Brennan plan to co-sponsor an ordinance change to unambiguously allow Porter’s business, Duvall said. When reached by phone Monday, Duvall said the city’s legal department was already working on the language.

Porter plans to go before City Council Aug. 15 to plead his case to the rest of the body.

This story was originally published August 2, 2023, 10:53 AM.

Can another business use the name Motor Supply? Columbia top restaurant sues for name rights

One of Columbia’s top restaurants is suing a trucking company over the rights for the Motor Supply name.Motor Supply Company Bistro is one of the oldest restaurants in Columbia’s Vista a...

One of Columbia’s top restaurants is suing a trucking company over the rights for the Motor Supply name.

Motor Supply Company Bistro is one of the oldest restaurants in Columbia’s Vista and one of the top-rated city-wide. The upscale eatery opened in 1989 in a building formerly used by a mechanic and motor supply business – hence the restaurant’s name.

Now, a trucking company doing business as Motor Supply Inc. has caused confusion, a lawsuit seeking to defend the restaurant’s trademark alleges.

The two businesses have been quietly battling since late 2021. Now, a jury could decide who has a right to the Motor Supply name.

Motor Supply Co. is spelled out in bright neon letters on a vintage sign outside of one of Columbia’s premier fine dining restaurants. The business’ first owner, Eric Nord, found the sign while renovating the historic building and the rest was history.

Before he bought it, the structure housed an auto-shop. The owners were in their 90s and ready to retire, according to court filings.

Eddie Wales, a one-time waiter at Motor Supply Co. Bistro, bought the shop from Nord in 2000 and has led the restaurant ever since.

Motor Supply Inc, is a newer presence in Columbia. The long-haul trucking company was incorporated in 2019, according to the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Office. It’s website,, says it specializes in “dry van, flatbed, power only, and temperature-controlled freight.”

The company’s office address is listed as 1332 Main Street, Suite 204 – inside the Arcade Mall in downtown Columbia.

Wales learned about Motor Supply, Inc. in 2021. In November of that year, Wales’ attorneys sent the business a cease and desist letter asking that they stop using the Motor Supply name because it was causing confusion in town and among other business owners, according to a legal complaint filed Feb. 2022.

The confusion led some to question if the businesses were associated and other business owners asked Wales about the dual names, attorneys for the restaurant Lyndey Bryant and Kirby Shealy argued in the complaint.

“I’m not a litigious person, I’ve never been involved in a lawsuit or anything,” Wales told The State. “But we … have worked hard for over 33 years now to build this business and our brand in the Columbia area and the surrounding areas and I need to do what I have to to defend that brand.”

An attorney for Motor Supply Inc., the trucking company, did not respond to questions by press time.

The Motor Supply Co. Bistro is incorporated under the name The Vista Cafe, Inc, which it has operated under since 1989. In Nov. 2021, Wales trademarked the Motor Supply Company Bistro name. That trademark is active until Nov. 12, 2026, according to the South Carolina Secretary of State website.

Motor Supply Inc.’s attorneys have argued that “if there is no likelihood of confusion, classic trademark law mandates that it is possible that the exact same marks can peacefully coexist on different goods and services,” they wrote in a motion responding to Wales’ initial complaint.

Champion, Delta, Eagle and United, for example, are all names shared by companies in different industries, the response adds.

The attorneys argue that a restaurant is “vastly different and unrelated” to a trucking company and that Wales has not provided evidence that the shared names have harmed the Motor Supply Co. Bistro’s business.

The trucking company is being represented by Dawes Cooke, Hunter Freeman and John Fletcher.

The case is on a jury roster for Richland County Circuit Court, noting that the case won’t be heard before August 14.

Unlock the Hidden Gems of Columbia, South Carolina: 10 Places to Visit in Columbia

Welcome to Columbia, South Carolina, a city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and an abundance of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a local looking at houses for sale in Columbia on Redfin, or moving into an ...

Welcome to Columbia, South Carolina, a city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and an abundance of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a local looking at houses for sale in Columbia on Redfin, or moving into an apartment near USC, there’s always something new and exciting to explore. From the bustling streets of downtown to the peaceful parks and gardens, living in Columbia offers a unique blend of urban and natural beauty.

But beyond the well-known attractions lies a world of hidden treasures that are waiting to be unlocked. We’ll take you on a journey to discover 10 of Columbia’s best-kept secrets, from off-the-beaten-path eateries to secluded parks and historic landmarks. So put on your exploring shoes and get ready to uncover the hidden gems of Columbia, South Carolina.

1. The M. Gallery

This hidden gem on Main Street is a must-visit for lovers of art and culture. Tucked away in a historic building, The M. Gallery is an art gallery and event space that showcases a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions throughout the year. The space itself is impressive, with high ceilings and large windows that let in plenty of natural light, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The M. Gallery also hosts a variety of events, from art openings and live music performances to yoga classes and poetry readings. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and inspiring experience, the gallery is a hidden gem that’s well worth discovering.

2. Lula Drake Wine Parlour

This hidden wine bar and restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, but is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Housed in a historic building, Lula Drake offers a cozy and intimate setting for enjoying a glass of wine or a delicious meal. The menu features a selection of small plates, perfect for sharing, as well as a wide range of wines by the glass or bottle. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and happy to help you find the perfect wine to pair with your meal. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Lula Drake is a hidden gem that’s perfect for a romantic date night or a night out with friends.

3. Finlay Park

Located just a few blocks from the Statehouse, Finlay Park is a hidden oasis in the heart of downtown Columbia. This beautiful green space offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, with walking paths, fountains, and a large lake. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables throughout the park, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or a quiet afternoon of reading. Finlay Park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including live music concerts, food festivals, and cultural celebrations. With its tranquil setting and lively events, Finlay Park is a hidden gem that’s not to be missed.

4. Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse

This hidden gem brewery and alehouse is located in a historic warehouse just a few blocks from Main Street. The brewery has been producing craft beer since 1995, and the alehouse offers a casual and laid-back setting for enjoying a pint or two. The menu features a variety of pub-style dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas, as well as daily specials. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the beer selection, and happy to offer recommendations. With its relaxed atmosphere and delicious beer and food, Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse is perfect for a low-key night out with friends.

5. 701 Center for Contemporary Art

This hidden gem art center is housed in a historic railroad station just a few blocks from the Statehouse. The center showcases a variety of contemporary art exhibitions throughout the year, featuring local and national artists working in a range of media. The space itself is impressive, with high ceilings and large windows that flood the galleries with natural light. The center also hosts a variety of events, from artist talks and workshops to film screenings and live music performances. With its inspiring exhibitions and lively events, 701 Center for Contemporary Art is an outlet for art lovers and anyone looking for a unique and engaging cultural experience.

6. The Nickelodeon Theatre

This hidden gem movie theater is located in the heart of the historic district of Columbia. The theater specializes in independent and foreign films, as well as documentaries and classic cinema. The intimate theater has a cozy atmosphere and is decorated with vintage movie posters and art. The Nickelodeon Theatre hosts a variety of events, from film festivals and special screenings to Q&A sessions with directors and actors.

7. The Old Mill Antique Mall

The antique mall is located in West Columbia, just a few miles from downtown Columbia. Housed in a historic brick mill building, The Old Mill Antique Mall features over 75 dealers offering a wide range of antiques and collectibles. The mall is organized into themed sections, making it easy to browse and find exactly what you’re looking for. From vintage clothing and jewelry to antique furniture and artwork, this place is an extravaganza for antique lovers, collectors, window shoppers, and anyone looking to repurpose things,

8. The State House Grounds

Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, the State House Grounds is a hidden gem park that offers a peaceful escape from the city. The park features walking paths, gardens, and fountains, as well as a variety of historical monuments and statues. The park is also home to the South Carolina State House, a historic building that dates back to the 19th century. Visitors can take a guided tour of the State House or simply enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the park.

One of the most iconic features of the park is the African American History Monument and the Japanese Gardens.

9. The Gervais Street Bridge

The Gervais Street Bridge is a hidden gem landmark in Columbia that spans across the Congaree River. The bridge is not only a stunning sight, but it also has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Originally built as a toll bridge, the Gervais Street Bridge has undergone several renovations over the years, including the addition of pedestrian and bike lanes. Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride across the bridge to enjoy the breathtaking views of the river and the city skyline.

10. Goat’s

Goat’s restaurant is located in the heart of Five Points, a popular neighborhood in Columbia. Goat’s is a unique eatery that serves up an eclectic mix of dishes inspired by global cuisine, from tacos and sushi to pizza and pasta. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and is decorated with quirky artwork and vintage finds. One of the standout features of Goat’s is its impressive beer selection, featuring a rotating tap list of local and craft brews. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, swing by Goat’s a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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